The Cat Thread

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It's well known that cats chase birds, but a friendly feline who dashed onto the field Wednesday night at Busch Stadium appeared to be after the wrong type of Cardinal.

The feisty cat, however, may have unintentionally sparked a St. Louis rally when it sprinted onto the field with the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth inning.

The game was briefly delayed as the cat emerged from near the visitors' dugout on the third-base side and blitzed into the outfield, the fur on its tail standing on end.

Royals centerfielder Lorenzo Cain stood, smiling, with a hand on his hip as the cute critter sprinted past him.

Lucas Hackmann, a member of the Cardinals' grounds crew, then ran out to grab the stray and flinched several times as the animal tried to bite and scratch him.

On the first pitch after play resumed, St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina hit a grand slam off Kansas City pitcher Peter Moylan to give the Cardinals an 8-5 lead they wouldn't relinquish.

The tiny feline was instantly dubbed #RallyCat on Twitter.
Jul 4, 2009
....yeah not a cat but way cute....we have a cardinal family here abouts and this is the state the young are in....

:lol: At first I thought, what TH is that? Flight patterns of cardinals? Until I sat back and saw the outline of la pussie rouge.

Now let's have a competition on guessing what the part of the outline is that involves Indonesia and Australia. I got a number of ideas but only make one, saving the rest for all youse:
- cat pawing (Indonesia) at la moussie or toy (Australia).
Rehomed a new cat a couple of days ago, after my old one unfortunately died a couple months ago. Gotta say, this one's a lot more open and confident than my old one. I remember it took him two weeks of cowering in book cases before he came out of his shell, but now it took about two minutes. These kids are a changing all the time, they ain't what they used to be.

blutto said:
Ha! In terms of "fibers of joy" that almost looks like the cat I'm babysitting right now. I've already posted a pic of the kitty in the dog thread (yep, that's a cardinal sin), in this thread it's more appropriate.

I've never owned a cat myself, but think they can be very interesting (and sometimes even affectionate) creatures. This one is especially huge, don't know anything about cat varieties. As long as they don't claw me, though, kitties are cool by me.

And now it's time to give him his daily fur brushing, wish me luck!

Update on the kitty (cause I know ya'll have just been dying for it)...

He's perfectly social and loves getting his hair groomed. If it wasn't for the dog (they're roommates at the house I'm sitting them at), we would have a lot more socializing time.

What I want to know now is - which one of them (the dog or the cat) is leaving a dump for me to clean up on the carpet when I leave the house for work? I think the kitty is being clean in the litter box, not sure if it is the dog that is requiring more of my attention, though.
Jul 4, 2009
....blutto and his pal going for stroll....the question is, which one is blutto ?, and who is the pal ?....note that picture to the left is just an avatar....


JayKosta said:
That's a BIG cat, hopefully it's not too overweight. And that long fur could make a sweater from each brushing.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
I'm not sure if/how overweight he is because of all the hair, but it would be fair to say the boy has a very healthy appetite!

He's also very dog-like in that he follows me around (even to the toilet), if it wasn't for the dog in the household he'd make the perfect companion. (Except for the toilet situation, I really don't need any company at that particular time.)
I've always had cats. Found this thread. Our oldest cat is 17. Last week she stopped eating and started hiding. Spent the weekend force feeding her. Got her to the vet yesterday. She has an infection (she got an antibiotic shot for that) and unfortunately kidney function is down which is part of the problem. So we came home with a bag of fluids, with tubes and needles to give her fluids. She's acting more normal today, but still not eating. So we're forcing feeding her. She did start eating treats again today, so that's at least an improvement.

Long story short about the force feeding. My cat that we had to put down about 4 years ago had major health issues her entire life and she had to be force fed multiple times for varying lengths before starting to eat again each time. She was 16 when we had to put her down due to health finally failing, but we had her for much longer than I had dared hoped I would have had her for.

This is a picture of our 17 yr old cat. Her name is Ariel. This picture is from when she was a kitten.