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Just for the ridiculous lack of fun in life a girl sometimes has got to do what a girl's gotta do!

In this case I had to replace the starter/pull cord on my Honda lawnmower - the old one broke, so I just consulted the latest DIY vid on youtube on how to replace it.

By sheer luck I had some kind of a ropy thing at home that was long enough (not a shoe lace), it seems to be working okay so far. It seems to be able to handle my fierce pull when I initially start the lawnmower without breaking, so that's cool.

My biggest pride and joy was fixing up the grass collection bag, though (which had been eaten through by rodents, or some such), with some duct tape. (If you don't know how to work with duct tape I don't even wish to speak to you.)

So yeah, this is my latest DIY on less than a dime - what's yours?
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This is a video of my trip outside of Sacramento. The Days Inn and Motel 6 didn't have great pool hot tub areas so we whipped this together. I realized that I am not on film because I was holding the camera during filming. I did 90% of the work while these last peckerheadz were out eating berries and stuff
Fun vid, especially the fruit eating part. Digging up that dirt looks like a real pain.

The fire underneath the tub makes me think of the ancient art of boiling persons alive, though. :fearscream:


I was sent this and didn't look at it right away as was encouraged. Really really really cool on every level..especially the end.!
Wow, there must be a million different parts to that bike, he did a great job cleaning and refurbishing them all. (I won't *** next time I have to clean and/or re-paint my bicycle.)

He's a got really sweet workshop, and glad to be hearing he seems to be doing well.
Seeing as I'm not nearly as cool as the dude in the vid upthread who had refurbished the dirt bike (and due to laziness and/or sheer stupidity), I have failed to perform basic maintenance on my leaf vacuum/shredder machine - it took about thirty pulls just to get the damned thing started. I knew to replace the spark plug, but changing the oil and air filter as well... this is a thing?

After consulting some DIY vids, and actually performing the basic maintenance, this machine is once again happy - now it takes only about one or two pulls on the cord to get it started. I couldn't possibly be more mirthful.

So yeah, once your oil and air filter look like this...

... it's definitely time to change them both. And you don't need to take this to a pro, a simple $15 (for the oil and filter) DIY will do. :)
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