The Jan Christen is the illegitimate child of Mathieu and Wout thread


Hello humble fellers, remember me? It's been quite some time. Well, alas, I have returned, to be granted audience once more.

After my very successful Remco and not so successful Brenner threads, I am here to present the future again. Because oh boy, this kid is a phenom. I reckon he is mostly known for his antics in Fayetteville earlier this year, but he is much more than that. I've been on the hype train for about two or three years now, and it's time to get it rolling for good. You think Mathieu and Pidcock are impressive by juggling in disciplines? They're a joke compared to Jan. Road? Yes. Cross? Yes. Mountainbike? Yes. Track? Yes. BMX? Ye... unfortunately not. For now. National titles, European titles, World titles in every discipline.

Matxin took away my shine quite some time ago by giving Jan a lengthy contract in May, but let's get the party started regardless.
Blast from the past. Were you banned or did you put your account on ice? It brings me great joy visiting the FOK pages (i only read, don't have an account), seeing the dispair and frustration of the members these days is highly rewarding.
Hello, friend! The truth is a took a self inflicted hiatus and put my account through the fictional shredder. Started lurking again like a month ago, and this feeling of red got me to re-activate. You'd be very welcome on FOK! We need to kick the plebs while they're down.
Very Good Rider. Curious to see if he will keep up with Emil Herzog at the GP Rübliland though
Herzog and Christen had a great duel last week during the mountainbike world championships. Admittedly, I didn't give them much of a chance against Gustav Pedersen who had been unbeatable all year, but the latter crashed out hard with a concussion in like the second turn of the race. Herzog was really impressive and managed to ride from the 6th row all the way to #1, but then had a puncture. Christen, who was at the front all race, then had to battle it out with Paul Schehl, but crashed very late in the last lap and had to settle for silver.

Looking very much forward to their battle again in Wollongong, but I don't see anyone coming close to Tarling in the ITT, and there are a lot of other favorites in the road race.
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I think he's got medals in almost every championship he's done this year. And was a last lap crash away from winning another World Title, last week in Les Gets - but had to make do with silver.
Yes, very special rider. He is 18, but already has that Kolobnev in him. Always peaking when there's a jersey to be won. I believe the only time he didn't podium was in Anadia on the mountainbike and the time trial in crazy hot 45 degree temperatures, when he finished 8th and 5th.
I'm onboard the hype train, hopped aboard in January after CX worlds win

I had heard of him, but a lot of people seemed surprised. Probably because he isn't on a Belgian based CX team, and non Belgian racing is quite often ignored. It will be interesting to see what he does this winter, and whether he stays mainly in Switzerland for his CX racing; or whether he does more of the top races in Belgium.
Kid has been flying slightly below the radar. Last year's win at Fayetteville in Men Juniors was impressive and maybe he could have been a top 10 in the men U23 but I still believe he is quite some way behind the likes of Nys, Verstrynge, Kamp, Ronhaar et al. The results so far this year in U23 hasn't been impressive #20 in Maasmechelen and 36 in Namur. But I admit he has time to grow into it.
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