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The Monuments Men – Or who will win all 5 of them?

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Squire said:
I don't see any of the established stars capable of winning all five. If Gilbert had more peak years left, and was able to replicate this form, he could've had a chance. Lombardia will be too hard for the other classics men.

Of the current pros, I think we have to look for someone like Moscon or Benoot to develop into a dominating force. Those seem like they could maybe have the climbing potential needed for Lombardia. They would need a lucky break in Sanremo, though, which doesn't happen often.

If Albanese turns out to be the real deal, he has the skillset to win the four spring monuments. Van der Poel should have the bike handling skills for Roubaix, but I'm under the impression that he could be more of a punchy hilly rider. Van Aert, on the other hand, is maybe too much of a rouleur for Lombardia. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

In this day and age of specialisation, and deep field, I think it'll be next to impossible to win all five. Even if someone has the abilities, all five races are extremely competitive, and so much can happen in them. In addition to that, every rider normally has maybe 7-8 opportunities to ride the monuments while in their peak years. Even less if they need to slim down for LBL or Lombardia, or bulk up for Roubaix.

I am convinced G Thomas has/had the ability to win all five, and his career will ultimately be seen as one ruined by the obsession with stage races. Paris-Nice, E3 and Olympic medals is still a very decent career, but it's not what it might have been IMO. Having said that - incredibly, he seems never to have raced LBL or Lombardia so maybe I'm barking up entirely the wrong tree.
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WheelofGear said:
TMP402 said:
WheelofGear said:
Thomas lack the "punch" to win a classics. That's his main weakness. Stage racing is better for him.

If by punch you allude to a mental attribute, that can be taught. Look at GVA.

I don't think Thomas is explosive enough to win a classics. He reminds me of Ion Izagirre and Jacob Fuglsang. Great all-rounder but no "punchyness".

His E3 win would be the template for winning at least P-R, stay in the leading group, attack from 3-4km from the finish. Like Cummings and less often Kennaugh, track pursuiters don't need an explosive acceleration, they only need for example a nice line into a corner, to get a gap of about 10m and then they are very hard to catch. You could hope to win at least three of the five monuments this way.