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Echoes said:
Riccò said:
Like someone said before, much better this year on the road compared to his MTB.
It's hard to compare road to MTB and I can't claim to be an MTB specialist but he did win a WC event this year, didn't he? That should be an improvement compared to last year. He also got better on the road but in MTB he's mixing it up with the best in the field while you cannot say he does on the road at this moment. Though what he does on the road is amazing. :)
I should have expressed myself better.

What I meant to say is that compared to last year, his road performance stepped up a level, while what we have seen from him this year in XCO races is similar to something he has done last year (with the 2nd place in Albstadt and the recovery in Nove Mesto and even the first half of the Lenzerheide race).

Axel Hangleck said:
Mathieu has won two of the Friday evening World Cup XC Short track races; but no XCO races. However, he is still 2nd in the standings, behind only Nino, despite missing Sunday’s race. That’s pretty good consistency (three 3rds plus a 4th place), and remember he’s still pretty young. He’s still 3-4 years away from a XC racer’s peak years.
Gaze & Cooper who are of similar age have been less consistent despite having ‘better’ one off results; which is to be expected.
If he planned on having a long XC career, I’ve no doubt he’s capable of being a multiple Champion.

How many other riders could mix disciplines regularly, and be so competitive? It is astonishing really.
Echoes said:
At least the local French cycling fan already knows him and he's already been hyped as Poulidor's grandson and even as Adrie's son after winning stages at the Tour of Alsace. Besides, he speaks French almost perfectly. Even better than many French people do :p . This being said, Mathieu does not need to race Paris-Roubaix and I still believe he's more suited to hilly classics (Ronde van Vlaanderen included).

Mathieu's road performances are equally as hyped as Wout's are, here in Belgium (Hageland, Tour of Belgium, etc). Don't forget that he beat him more often than not and he was a road talent as a junior, unlike Wout.
But he actually is Poulidor's grandson!
Logic-is-your-friend said:
This is my opinion, i don't care to get into another *** measuring contest with another (?) Dutch forum member. One per day is plenty. Feel free to disagree with my views. I can only say that normally, i see every CX race there is every year. Although, i will agree that my memory sucks balls.
I was sad to read this. I am Belgian. If I'm posting on this thread while I'm no longer very active on these boards, it's out of love for cyclocross and admiration for two riders. I no longer have time for online feuds. That last post of mine took me quite some time and even if it might be that it was utter crap but I couldn't have dedicated so much time for it for such negative intention. :(

But Mathieu won, so there's reason for joy. :)

classicomano said:
Yes the depth of the field in this is laughable but still, Chernetskii did this just a week ago on a really hard finish. And MVP beat him quite comfortably.

Well, this also happened just a few days earlier on a punchy finish.

1 VAN AERT Wout Vérandas Willems-Crelan 04:13:51
2 KAMP Alexander Team Waoo 0:02
3 CARPENTER Robin Rally Cycling 0:04
4 JOHANSEN Julius ColoQuick 0:06
5 DECLERCQ Benjamin Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise 0:11
Just saw the Stage 1 replay of Arctic race. He just dusted everyone in a finish that basically replicated a stretch of cx course, minus the mud, sand and thousands of drunken spectators. Still, extremely impressive to hold form for an entire year through various disciplines. Like everyone else, can't wait till he tackles the spring classics.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
MvdP was junior world champ. So indeed a road talent before Wout even considered the road.

I'm looking forward to next year and hopefully he can compete in E3 and GW as planned. So we can really compare them
Maybe we should stop comparing them? They've been compared plenty, and they obviously are both talented riders in their own rights with their own strengths, that deserve to shine in whatever category they decide to race.

Who am i kidding.

EDIT: a couple of days after placing this message, i saw an interview with Mathieu, where he was asked, if he had to name one thing, that Van Aert does better (or is better at) than him, what it would be. He responded: "He's mentally very strong, he never gives up". But he added "however, i've made progress in this regard as well."
MTB World Cup season finished, looking at the results it was a very consistent season. (credit for @cyclocross24 on Twitter.

3rd at Albstadt, Val di Sole and Vallnord, 4th at Stellenbosch and La Bresse, DNF at Nove Mesto after a crash

1st at Albstadt, Val di Sole and La Bresse, 2nd at Nove Mesto and Vallnord.

DNS at Mont Sainte-Anne due to participation at the European Road Championships.

Overall: 2nd place

Next, before the Cyclocross season, comes the World Championships in Lenzerheide. It's a course that suits him, even more if it's rainy during the weekend (as expected right now by the forecast). I think a medal is within reach, but it would be a huge and amazing surprise if he finally beats Schurter, near his home and at the Worlds.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Schurter is another level yeah.
Though he at least gave him a run for his money.
Also, VDP had far longer season and incomparable more races than Nino. More CX races last fall/winter than Nino during whole his mtb season...
I'm actually really surprised that VDP is still on such high level - he's racing non-stop basically since last Sept.
Comparing MVP to Schurter is unfair, due to difference in schedules and ages. Nino seems to be on the decline, so a guy like MVP beating him would likely be dismissed as a changing of the guard and unlikely to happen in Schurter's prime.

For what it's worth I think MVP is a much better rider than Schurter, or at least has the potential to achieve much more in his career.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Though he at least gave him a run for his money.
VDP hasn't been even remotely close to Schurter, on any occasion.

A lot has to happen if he wants to become Olympic champion in 2020. Forget about the road entirely and possibly cut a little bit in cx as well. And replace all of it with specific mtb training. Something like that.
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Ricco' said:
Flamin said:
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Though he at least gave him a run for his money.
VDP hasn't been even remotely close to Schurter, on any occasion.
Last year in Albstadt it didn't seem impossible to beat Schurter. VdP was with Nino when he fell, and after that the gap remained constant for the remainder of the race.
I was looking at this year, but iirc, VDP fell because he was riding on/over the limit there.
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Flamin said:
I was looking at this year, but iirc, VDP fell because he was riding on/over the limit there.
Which was already a good performance for a 22 year old rookie. In Tokyo, Schurter will be 34 and Mathieu 25. Until then, things might change.