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Teams & Riders The "MVP" Mathieu Van der Poel Road Discussion Thread

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If Pogacar keeps losing TDF to Vingo, but close enough to keep hope alive for the next year, if he just gets the training right, I wouldn't be surprised if he gives the cobbled classics a miss for a few more years. If he wins in France, or gives up hope of beating Visma-Vingo at the tour then he'll be back to give it a go.

Either way I wouldn't be surprised if he or Mathieu or both end up with 4 (or more) Flanders titles.
He’s 5 years younger,right? He could be winning classics long after Mvdp retires and opens his Lamborghini dealership in Hoogerheide.
He had serious trouble following Pogacar in THE race tailormade for him (both in 2022 and 2023), how in a realistic world will he beat Pogacar in Liege (if we exclude any misfortune)? Col du Rosier will be too much for him, specially with great climbers like Ayuso or Almeida helping Pogacar.
He’s in better shape now, and he can be leaner. Not saying he’ll be able to beat Pogacar, not at all, just saying there is room for improvement
Regardless of Pogacar, he was 6th in LBL a day after a 70km attack in the BB tour. If he starts fresh it's still interesting how far he will come
MVP is not the favourite on LBL, but they are underestimate him a bit. If he just follows wheels, race smart and have some luck with some tatical games between the main favorites, he has a chance.

He can also become more leaner in the future, to focus in the race.
Awesome win. You can only beat who is there and he did just that. What impressed me most is that he appeared calm throughout the race, dared to gamble that his teammates could close gaps. I feel like Wout would be more panicky in similar situations.

Now onto Roubaix. If he's tired after that, I would consider skipping Amstel. I don't think that race is tailormade for him, despite his win. Ofcourse Liege is that even less, but if he's well rested and Pogacar and Remco are not 100 percent, anything can happen.
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Mar 22, 2024
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Sagan is couple of light years ahead of Wout Van Aert...

Currently, yeah. But they have one major thing in common - both underperform(ed) results-wise.

Sure, Sagan's three consecutive Worlds wins were extraordinary. However, if you had told me 10-12 years ago that he'd retire with only two monument wins, I'd have thought you mad. It still amazes me he never pulled off MSR. And there's little point in mentioning the seven Tour green jerseys; nobody really cares about those except for tourist fans who only show up when the Tour gets going. All seven are those are easily tradable for another monument win. And for those who would counter that he was heavily marked in the biggest races - so was Cancellara and he still managed seven monument wins while being just as marked.

As for Wout, he really needs to start bagging big wins and soon (once healed, of course). His plan for missing the Tour this year and focusing on the Big Ones was a big step in the right direction.
If he didn't win this he might look back on this as a missed opportunity after his career, because I have a feeling that the field next year just might be insane. Pogacar and/or Evenepoel might decide to show up, Wout van Aert in good form, but talents like Morgado also seem made for this race and if De Lie gets it together etc. everything might be different. Then again, it might not.
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