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Teams & Riders The "MVP" Mathieu Van der Poel Road Discussion Thread

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As a a huge MVDP fan (any race he enters is must watch), I have no problem saying Pogi and Wout are better all-around on the road. The beauty of MVDP is that he can do things on the bike that no one else can do - mainly around his surreal ability to carry speed, find grip, and accelerate - all on display in CX. Add in the killer instinct and go for broke mentality and you have a bike racer worth watching. Going 12mph uphill and TT'ing is boring anyway.
I wish he learned how to find more grip on the MTB. When out of practice he loses his front wheel too often in XC racing.
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I wish he learned how to find more grip on the MTB. When out of practice he loses his front wheel too often in XC racing.
Yeah, trying to roll 6 foot drop (what happened to the ramp?) wasn't brilliant either, but losing that front wheel at the WC was literally the common beginner MTB crash (along with grabbing the brakes). Hard to take anything away from Piddy, but with the form MVDP (the sheer brutality of his attack on the road may never be matched) had he may have been able to pull it off too.
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Big favourit on sunday i wonder how much that changes the dynamic og the race for him.

I dont suspect mvdp got better chances now that wva is not riding he and jumbo would help dictate the race and since VDP dont have a team at all thats helpfull. Wva wouldnt have standed a chance so this opens it up more actually i think.
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I do think noones close tho in strenght or numbres but a race they loose control over or any injuries bar that mvdp woulda won easily anyway with Pogacar not hear. Bettiol and pedersen are strong tho Pedersen beat wva last year so one shouldnt underestimate him but the lvl up to mvdp should be just to high in terms of numbers he posses.

Regardless the dynamic of the race will be the interesting thing to follow for me here and see how long he can wait untill he just have to demolish everyone like hes used to, when they force his hand is key here to sucess over him.. My guess is 55km mark is mvdp target, maby i dont know.

Flandern is christmas and everything else, looking forward to sunday.
This wasnt any suprise at all tho for anyone who have watched cycling the last few years, noone is close to beeing able to have his power not named Pogacar weve seen that countless of times over the years so no surprise at all!

As long as we knew Pogacar wasnt riding this would always been the outcome baering any accidents.
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Just like Pog with 3 Lombardias.

Real legends and the only ones of this era. Glad to have them both.
Their not normal. Like Wva hes a super talented and better version than Sagan in all aspects thats how great he is but VDP is a freak simply, its nothing else to say.

And Pogacar is the best cyclist of all time already properly if you look at strenght(not the greatest) and you have many more. Vingegaard for instance, incredible good and many more Evenpoel to for his age is extreme strong and list could go on.

But indeed its a divsion up to VDP and Pogacar thats true not hard to see but its truly a golden era of cycling were in. Im lucky we have all of em and to be able to watch cycling at this time is something special.