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Teams & Riders The "MVP" Mathieu Van der Poel Road Discussion Thread

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80km ride and 13km/hour run the day after his win. Recovered pretty well I guess.

Is he going back to Spain after every race these weeks? If it works. Better weather to train and less media attention like here in Belgium.
If it works...keep doing it. He flew in this winter from training in Spain and was killing it at the start of the CX season. He flew in from Spain for MSR and was the only one on the wheel of Pog at the top of the Poggio. He flew in from Spain for E3 and won that race. You don't have to train in miserable weather to be fast...that's old cycling nonsense.
This is what its scary about Van der Poel. He is currently the most successful one-day rider in the peloton but he could have a much better palmares at the same age.

If he had started road cycling seriously a few years earlier, he would likely have already four Ronde wins and one more at Roubaix and/or Sanremo. Then, in the World Championsips, his hunger knock in Yorkshire 2019 (probably wouldn't have happened with a little more experience), the back injury derrailing the preparation for Leuven and also Roubaix 2021 and the freakish incident in Wollongong 2022, under different circumstances he would be at least a double World Champion by now.
True. Although I would argue that his palmares would be even more freakish had he started on the road at 19 or 20. Then again, 6 CX WC's and multiple WC MTB wins is nice to have on your palmares too.
Should this be reiterated? I'll oblige: Best one-day racer on the planet bar NONE. Ask any cyclist what his wildest dream would consist of in terms of one-day races and winning the double Flanders/Roubaix as a world champion in solo fashion for a combined 110km would be right up there.

Legendary racer for the ages. And he's still "only" 29.
You know you've hit the big time when a random (evidently non-Dutch) woman in the crowd is so enraged by your dominance, she tries to jam your spokes with a hat.