Teams & Riders The "MVP" Mathieu Van der Poel Road Discussion Thread

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Open Horizon

Feb 22, 2013
He is still leading the XC World Cup, even after the Friday evening XCC race......Would like to see him do the full World Cup, as he'd probably win it; he finished 2nd in 2019, despite missing two rounds.
Can't see him do a full MTB season ever. Or a full CX season ever again, for that matter. Both would take way too big a bite out of his road season, rest periods and altitude camps. His team, sponsors and fans want to see him blow up the TdF up every summer. No escaping that, I'm afraid.
Has there been any indication of when he is thinking of leaving the Tour? If he is interested in stage wins, then the latest I can see him targeting a win would be the stage to Quillan, which might be a stretch. Otherwise, I could see him being done as early as the second weekend, with the stage to Le Creusot being a decent bet for him.
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