The official Wilco Kelderman is the new Merckx-thread

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In wonder if he will try to expand his lead in one of the hilly stages (think stage 10, 13 and/or 16).

He could outkick Nibali/Kruijswijk-types on the last climb and try to do a mini-time trial in the last 10 kms.
I very much doubt that, unless he has a teammate up the road. I think he'd better save his legs for the long ITT which "in theory" should be in his advantage. If he goes on the attack on these short steep climbs, he could potentially take 15 seconds on the top and then needs to dig deep to fend off a chasing group with domestiques (those stages aren't hard enough to get rid of domestiques). High risk, low reward.
Hard to see the Sunweb staying in Giro till the finish. Once you get 1 positive (covid) within the team it's hard to avoid others to follow. Few of them are most likely infected already just few hours/days too soon for tests to catch them. Sadly...
Well Almeida is a contender, in the future. just can't see him holding on this edition.

That being said. As a Dutchman well versed in Kelderman's history. IT seems super unikely there won't be anything happening that prevents him winning as well. Or even podium. Either others are stronger or he will have bad luck.
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