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The real Tennis thread.

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I'm not overly surprised Fognini has won a masters. He's had impressive results on clay against good players in the past before, and even if he's always failed in the past to string good performances together it was never out of the question that it would happen one day.

Red Rick said:
World Tour Finals going to Torino from 2021.

They had to one up Milano with the nextgen finals.
I hope ATP has a B plan because i'm not sure if the government will have the funds to do anything in the coming years, Italy is sinking and already for next year they are in disperate search of 32 billion to save the state budget and if the economic recession goes on the situation could only worsen.
Hard draw in Madrid, Djokovic will likely face Dimitrov in the second round and one between Tsonga and Cecchinato in the third, Federer will likely face Gasquet in the second round and Monfils in the third, Nadal wil likely face Shapovalov or the on fire young Auger Aliassime in the second round. Federer theoretically is on the side of Djokovic but probably both will be out before the semifinal. Potentially Thiem could face Federer in quarter finals, Djokovic in semifinals and Nadal in the final if no one loses before.

There is also the ever broken Del Porto in the mix and Fognini returns after faking an injury to appear on medias in Italy for a couple of weeks of glory.
I didn't watch the match because there was the Champions but reading the reports a surprisingly good Federer after three years away from clay, in the afternoon very good Djokovic compared to recent tournaments.

Meanwhile Nadal continues in disgrace and is in doubt because of a virus, maybe some rest could be good for him to recover from injuries, considering also that the fast clay of Madrid it's not ideal for him.

Dazed and Confused said:
Delpo is currently involved in a match going all the way.

Luckily, he won, but he was looking in pain especially in the first set. And after the match he said that he had been very close to retiring from the match because he felt like he could only use one leg. He also said that every time he plays he is battling the pain as much as the opponent.

It's amazing that he keeps being on such a high level, considering the magnitude of injuries he has suffered throughout the last decade.
Now that the Giro is gone is time to watch the Roland Garros, looking at the result so far has been a walk in the park for Djokovic, Nadal and Federer, the old man probably is regretting the three years boycott of clay because QF are still big points but he has ahead the three worst players for him and he's likely to go home already on Wednesday, last time against Stan in Paris was a carnage.

Other than that looks like Zverev is seeing the light after months, del Potro and Nishikori are both not broken yet and there are still around the two clowns Fognini and Monfils.

Red Rick said:
Still no play due to rain. We may see no tennis at all

Why is France still stuck in the 20th century?
As a French taxpayer I object to using my tax euros to build a roof on a stadium for a 2 week event for an elitist sport that will only be used once every few years and only a potential day or 2 at that.

Maybe the players would donate some of their multi-million earnings to pay for it! Winners prizes up 8% this year, other prizes up even more.

I don't know why catering to the spoiled should be considered 21st century. Seems to me the opposite would be more enlightened.