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spalco said:
I don't watch a lot of tennis, but to me it's looking like Nadal is absolutely schooling Federer here.
Match was actually quite competitive in the first 2 sets. Think this is about a result you could expect. Don't think Federer made himself look like a fool out there
I think for having played so few clay tournaments over the past few years, Federer did quite well, and yes, I know he had an easy draw. The chances were high he would meet Nadal and Nadal's form is quite good at the moment. No shame in losing to him, certainly not on clay. Federer said he wasn't sure if he would play again at RG, which may suggest he's retiring this year, but who knows. In any case, with good preparation on grass, he could go far, even win it, if things fall in place for him. Grass and faster hard courts are still good for him and I expect he'll challenge for a title at Wimbledon and even New York.

spalco said:
I don't watch a lot of tennis, but to me it's looking like Nadal is absolutely schooling Federer here.
On this court against Nadal he has done a lot worse in the past, considering the toll that injuries are taking on Nadal body probably Federer has even some edge physically that is enough to win on hard but he's too weak mentally and on the clay Nadal is still too much a fighter and everytime he gift some points is a break, the first two set could have been won by him without gifting points here and there, in the second at the beginning he was 2-0, 40-0 on his serve then his mind went away and in the third he didn't even try to pose some opposition.

Anyway Nadal is lucky that Djokovic Vs. Thiem is an endless battle, I don't think that the actual Nadal would have been favourite against a fresher opposition.

Dazed and Confused said:
Happy for Thiem, but he will have to play much better tomorrow.
Don't think the delays will have much of an impact.
Nadal played his QF on tuesday and his SF on friday, both in straight sets. He played 3 sets in the last 4 days.

Thiem played the last 4 days straight.
The tournament director and the president of the french federation have spoken about the ongoing works on the courts in the post tournament press conference held yesterday, roof on Chatrier is confirmed for next year with also lights but they said they won't play beyond 23:00 with only a scheduled match in the evening session. In 2021 there will be lights in all 15 courts and a monumental entrance plus a museum (le grandeur...).
So Murray will probably play 3 doubles tournaments in grass season, and is looking to play singles some time after the USO. Seems really optimistic, and he says he's pain free.

Obviously the Slam winning days are over, but if his groundstrokes and serve get better from being pain free I really think he might get back to a decent level.
Nadal and Thiem have decided to pull out from Halle, should be an easy task for the old man in his home garden.

Nadal considering the good shape should have tried to grab more points possible on the grass before starting to injury himself again on hard courts.
Nadal was never even entered in Halle I believe.

The only reason for him to go there would have been to secure the #2 seed for Wimbledon due to their seeding system, but he's always bad there and it's actually grass that bothers his knees the most. Guess the #2 seed is also up for grabs for the USO but staying healthy is much more important than defending the 2nd place. Chasing ponts for #1 doesn't make sense cause he's never beating Djokovic there.

I think his injury woes from last year's USO also had to do with his deep Wimbledon run as well as playing abou 43 hours at the USO to make the semi there.

If I were Nadal I would actually consider skipping all HC between the AO and USO.
It's always on the hard that he has injuries and lately he can't finish a tournament without problems, IMHO it's a masochistic choice to play on hard considering that. Maybe he wants to rest after Roland Garros but considering that until Rome he wasn't really good and he played not so much he should have played much now, if i were him i would have added also Hamburg after Wimbledon instead of going to Canada.

Anyway i don't think that being #2 or #3 changes much for him but the year end number 1 is one of the most important thing in tennis and if you look at the race Djokovic is behind and almost 8.000 of the points he has in the regular ranking should be defended from Wimbledon to the end of the season, it's not a close thing.