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Teams & Riders The Remco Evenepoel is the next Eddy Merckx thread

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Should we change the thread title?

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Journalist: ‘Hello rider, what is your take away from the stage you just finished?’
Rider: *answers question, shares thoughts*

How dare he? 😡

Content of thoughts publicly announced can be evaluated, even disapproved, by the audience. No one questions his right to answer the question, they question his answer to the question.
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Remco has however since apologized personally for those words and for both of them the case is closed and there are no more hard feelings.
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Remco-splaining will reach a whole other level. Just earlier today in Danish cycling twitter, I saw some Belgian rando lecturing on the proper interpretation of Evenepoel (I guess he had no problem interpreting Danish):

View: https://twitter.com/Puncheur_music/status/1765749411240407485
I threw it in Google Translate, it was very poorly translated, but if he means that Evenepoel wanted to say that Skjelmose only got past him because he didn’t see him, that’s bs.
Translation of the Danish post:
You're right in principle, but by implication, Evenepoel left no doubt that in his opinion it was a pure coincidence that Skjelmose slipped past him - and certainly not a fair result.

Remco did not say it was unfair. He said he was looking to the right and therefore did not see Skjelmose. No more, no less. You shouldn't be adding any more meaning to his words than what he said.
Evenepoel is just playing into the Blond Assassin meme.

Evenepoel reads CyclingNews forum confirmed.

Which one of us are you Remco

Some secret pros conspiracies;
Myself - Cavendish
@Netserk - Boonen
@CyclistAbi - Roglic
@Logic-is-your-friend - Van Wilder
@Berniece - Evenepoel
I don’t remember the username but the one last year people were saying was Broccoli Dwarf - Vingegaard
@RedheadDane - Pedersen
@Tonton - Pinot
The poster that started Nizzolo’s thread - Nizzolo
@Ilmaestro99 - TGFM
@jmdirt - Philipsen