The "Where did you ride your bike today?" Thread...

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Rode twenty miles in the morning on a lakefront, to a velodrome to watch some track cyclists... from there, to a park, to do crit practice laps since the park has huge road loops in a two-mile layout. Rode back twenty miles the way I had come from. It was quite windy but sunny, and a fine morning for cycling
Sep 4, 2019
Yes, the footage is really good. Just the right angle. Not sure I would have been taking on the ice at those speeds on the downhill. Did you have any slips?
I'm currently in the Alpes Maritimes. We did Col des Champs, Col d'Allos and Col de la Cayolle yesterday. 115 km and 3200 m of climbing. The climbs are maybe slightly less famous than those in the Dauphiné and haute savoie, but regarding scenery this is certainly one of the great rides of the Alps. I can thoroughly recommend it. Caracteristics are maybe a bit similar to the great Tour de Suisse stage with Nufenepass, Furkapass and Gotthardpass this year.
We started with Champs from the east, which is the toughest climb of the three, at least rgarding the sides we tackled them from. The avg. gradient seems pretty low with 6.2 % but there are a few descents, so effectively you're mostly climbing at 8% or more. Allos from south is really gentle, except for the last 6 km or so it's basically a long valley ride. The upper switchbacks are spectacular though. The descent is quite infamous, super technical and in terrible condition, not as bad as the one from Champs though. Cayolle from the North is amazingly beautiful and very diverse. Spectacular canyon at the bottom, and high mountain scenery at the top. I can really only recommend it!
We're gonna tackle Turini tomorrow, so let's see how that goes.