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Teams & Riders Thibaut Pinot discussion thread

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I think it's quite a bold daydream to think about him in the gc podium of gt's anymore, stagehunting is more realistic thing.

I suppose you're right, and maybe stagehunting would also be for the better.

Honestly, though - and here I'm probably gonna repeat stuff I've already said before - after 2019, once the initial disappointment had subsided, I think there was reason to be cautiously optimistic, but then his back happened, and Pogacar happened (well, technically both his back and Pogacar existed before 2020, but... you know what I mean!) And while I'm of course fundamentally opposed to calling him "old", even I gotta admit that these days, 32 is... somewhat mature for a GC contender.
Besides, even though his goal is to aim for the podium, it doesn't appear to be the all-for-one approach of earlier. Didn't they say it would be a three-pronged approach? So him, Gaudu, and... Madouas/Storer?

Unfortunately, according to this article we shouldn't expect much luck.

The Frenchman crashed heavily in the first week of the 2022 race, which aggravated a back injury which has plagued him since.

It also appears he's a time traveller!
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His morale is at 9 out of 10, he hasn't been feeling as good as he did in Tirreno since his crash in the 2020 Dauphiné.

It certainly was a good performance, in a lesser field he could have been shining more brightly (and probably managed to revive the thread), which is remarkable given a crappy February where he couldn't put two training days together and suffered from a bad reaction to a corona vaccine and some sickness between the Alpes Maritimes and du Var race and Tirreno, which forced him to sit out the French opening weekend (okay, that's not a real thing, but you probably get which races I mean).

Then the rest of the article is blocked.

I haven't followed much cycling last year, just the big races and mostly through highlights...too much work, and 2022 begins the same way. So I am not on top of Tibo's news like I used to be. Still, I feel good, I see progress, Il Giro would have been better as a major objective: the route is better for his skill set. And no Pog/Rog. Can Thibaut Pinot, once again, come back and be relevant? I hope so.