Tirreno-Adriatico 2019, March 13-19

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Red Rick said:
Nibali in the exact same time as last year.

MSR defense is a given.
Everybody else will be racing for the second spot.

I think he tried a bit harder this year to test the new materiales maybe, took it super easy in 2018. Similar time because of headwind probably.
Re: Re:

Jagartrott said:
Velolover2 said:
I'm almost 100% sure that Yates will win this race. Gap between top 20 is not that big. We are talking 20 seconds.
Headwind seems to be quite important though (second part of the course). That doesn't favour the climber-types.
Yeah, but with such shorts gaps and his winner gene, it should be almost impossible for him to throw the victory away. 25 secs is a hyyyuge advantage.