Tirreno-Adriatico 2019, March 13-19

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jaylew said:
JosephK said:
Dumo still working on his form. Decent effort, though not up to his usual top 3 finishes in TTs. 1 second better than Rohan Dennis, though Rohan looked like he had an off day.
I don't think a 10k flat TT is ideal for Dumo.
Yes, good point. 10K is very short -- opens it up for other power riders.

Carols said:
It is Really annoying listening to Kirby and the Bias for an Anglo rider. It gets Tiresome :(
I like the other one, is it Rob Hatch or something? Very well informed and quite objective.
And that Scoth technical commentator, very well prepared, is it Brain Smith maybe?