Tirreno - Adriatico Stage 2, San Vincenzo -> Indicatore, 232 kms (07/03/2013)

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Jul 23, 2011
Cav and Greipel to battle it out for 1st and 2nd with Gossy and the tourminator to fight it out for 3rd and 4th!!

With Ferrari lurking in the background to take them all out ;)
One Eyed Aussie said:
Please God I hope not. His ego is too big already.
I think that here you're wrong. Although his ego might be big and rightfully, from his statements, nothing like that can be said. Actually, from his behaviour and statements he always seems humble and want to work on him even more.
Generally, I find it amusing that some who criticise Cavendish for having a big ego defend Sagan, when their cycling achievements cannot be compared yet.

As for today although I respect Sagan I think it will be a pure sprinter's stage.

I can't pick between Greipel and Cav. My gut instinct is actually telling me Greipel.

1. Greipel
2. Cavendish
3. Goss
4. Degenklob
5. Farrar
6. Sagan
7. Nizzollo
8. Demare
9. Martens
10. Ciolek
Jun 1, 2011
With the conditions wet again and the length of the stage, I am hoping for some splits at the end. Very flat and long. I think not. The final Km will spell carnage if as wet as now.
Jun 1, 2011
Parrulo said:
sumbag europe. . . . it has been raining everyday for months, and i bet my house roubaix will be dry <_<
Send it this way. Dustbowl cycle. Breathing dust daily.