Jun 4, 2010
Some guidelines on how you can help this community flourish:

Before you start a new thread take a moment to review the existing discussions. Where there is already an established thread on a specific topic you are encouraged to join the existing discussion.

And then when you join a discussion...

Don't slam: Some beginners and might not be clued in on forum etiquette and standards. Show them patience.

Don't hijack: If a user has started a thread don't try and hijack it and take it off topic. There's plenty of room for your thread too. The Clinic is the place to discuss doping related issues.

Be respectful: Different perspectives are what make a discussion interesting. It is ok to challenge what is said but writing abusive or insulting comments about others is not.

Moderators are generally pleased to let discussion flow and not interfere but they have the ability to warn and potentially remove members from the forums if they're acting in an inappropriate manner. If anything concerns you and appears to be either offensive or libellous please notify us by clicking on the red and white triangle above each post.



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