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Teams & Riders Tom Dumoulin discussion thread

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PremierAndrew said:
If the figures are indeed accurate, then Dumoulin's performance would be believable, but you've also got to take into account what he was doing before and if there was a sudden jump in his performances. I'd really like to take a look at his figures from TdS before I reach a conclusion

Oh, you mean a jump like Froome's?
That makes me think there's still some room to lose a kilogram or two, which would have a major impact on his results in those mountain stages, especially in the multi-mountain stages.

And interesting that his training numbers are supposedly still higher

Dekker_Tifosi said:
TDS was 5,5 w/kg, but on mortirolo like climb...

Besides, if you have to have ridden those numbers before to be believable, then you'd have to believe that riders cannot improve when they are 24?

That is also quite ridicolous of a statement

Ridrrs improve till 30, especially from hi second pro year to 27m but any rider is a world and has an story.

To ay that a rider is at hi best at 24, the age they start to have important result has no sense.
Aug 15, 2012
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Dekker_Tifosi said:
Take it to the clinic and stay there

I thought he was referring to beetroot juice. TD had some ass issues, so maybe he should stop being so anal retentive and take a break, pegging back his race schedule?
Good performance today by Tom after a very demanding Vuelta, he has been in the top ten, better than Tony Martin. Tom is a complete rider for GC. I think Dennis can follow his steps, he was impresive in Down Under, even better than Dumoulin in Willunga.

For Tom, is better a harder ITT, with at least a long climb (1 km or so) He will be with the best anyway on Sunday.
Aug 4, 2010
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classicomano said:
Besides having a sore ass, Tom also said his legs werent very good. Its time for a nice long vacation if you ask me.
True,I think he did a great season esp with Vuelta show and he shouldnt be ashamed of anything,I didnt expect anything huge from him yesterday.
Aug 11, 2012
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I do hope he will be there on Sunday. It seems like he's losing it mentally.

The WC road race for men is IMO the best cycling race there is. I never understood the people who took it for granted.

I've seen so many great ones live and on tv (Chambery, Stuttgart '91, Benidorm, Agrigento, Duitama, Lugano etc.).
And an 11th today with an attack in the penultimate lap on a course that wasn't hard enough for him. Still the best dutchman ahead of the pre-designated leaders Terpstra/Boom/Langeveld.

He's truelly allround

Tom DumoulinVerified account ‏@tom_dumoulin 8m8 minutes ago
F*ck! So close to a medal! Got caught with 50m to go... But us Dutchies made a great race out of it and we can be proud as a team!