Tom 'Pidders' Pidcock

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Your lack of knowledge of photo-finish technology, linked to your stubbornness, seams to lead to stupidity.
Your lack of knowledge of photo-finish technology, linked to your stubbornness, seams to lead to stupidity.
Being led by blind faith in such technology, as well as those interpreting it, shuts the eyes to reason and leads to foolishness.
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Thing is, before the XCC (short track) the riders with only few points would start from far back. I'd take them a lot of time/laps and effort to make it to the front (usually). Even when not beating Nino, MVDP was always really close and looked like the only one who can compete with him since the almost the beginning of his XCO WC racing campaign.
He's ranked 28th in the XCO rankings at the moment. I believe that means he gets a spot in the XCC. Even if he doesn't finish in the top sixteen, which is probably unlikely as we've seen that this is suited to someone with a CX base like VDP, he would still start 28th for this round. That wouldn't be too bad considering it is only the third row and the opening half of the start lap is quite open or has a lot of double track. However, if they race it as hard as last time in Albstadt, then it could be quite a challenge. That first climb is a real power climb so the gaps will be big if attacked.

I don't feel Pidcock will be crazily high up though. The race he won had only really one major top ten rider from the world cup in Carod so I wouldnt immediately hype him up saying he'll beat VDP, Schurter, Avancini, etc.

Also why are we still arguing over a race that took place more than two weeks ago. Van Alert has moved on, Pidcock has moved on and so has pretty much everyone else. Ineos and Pidcock aren't taking action against the Commisairing Team at some tribunal or court, so it's obviously not a big deal.
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Yep, for some reason the ranking points from winning the under-23 world cups and championship don't count towards the the starting positions, even though the official rankings have him in 28th place. So he starts around 92nd place, maybe higher due to recent points in switzerland. He is hoping to finish in the top 16 which will allow him to start in the XCC.
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Then go and join (or replace) the time-and photo-finish-specialists and the UCI-commisars. We all look forwards to Extinction's technical reforms next year when designated by the UCI as an expert in the field.
It's clearly not up to me or you for that matter, but that is no excuse not to be critical. You are lazily comparing apples to oranges.
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It has nothing to do with being critical. You just play the "I know better than the experts on the field, no need to try and convince me otherwise" card. We've seen enough of that during Covid-19.
Best to ignore. A calibrated piece of equipment and simple math shows van Aert still in the lead 1.5m after crossing the line. At this stage it's like convincing people the earth isn't flat.
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Mar 16, 2021
FFS, you lot need to meet up in a field somewhere with your handbags and have it out to the death! Well, not death but until the handbag straps break. :rolleyes::D
Or get a room.
Honestly, this is the stupidest ongoing argument I've seen this year on the Internet, and that's up against some pretty stiff competition.
Neither of them are going to change each others mind. They need to let it go and stop boring everyone else. Apart from anything else it should be in the race thread.
I'm game. This is indeed the stupidest argument I've come across, but only because the Belgians take this too damn seriously. Expertise isn't required to analyze photo images (of which I actually have some compitency), nor are experts infallible (otherwise the would be gods) and it's got nothing to do with Covid and the conspiracy mongers. Apples to oranges along with a fair bit of condescending arrogance.

Post Scriptum: I do have a Belgian colleague, however, who thinks Pidcock won!:p
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