Too Late, Too Furious: Tokyo Drift - The 2020 Olympics Thread

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I don't care who wins it. I just don't think it adds anything. I think it defeats the purpose of both sprinting and pursuiting, and it doesn't fill a niche for riders with an extremely specified skillset either. It just there for stat padding for sprinters who are good enough to win and a chance to medal for a countries 3rd and 4th sprinter.
If you're man 1 in TS these days you are probably one of the most specialised athletes in the sport... these guys are closer to weightlifters than bike riders!

Anyway, TS is blue-ribband in the UCI's eyes (if you qualify a TS team you get two spots for IS and Keirin), so don't expect that to change anytime soon.

The Omnium was originally a fudged event to keep the IP and Kilo at the Olympics in some form when they had to lose a load of events to get parity for men + women. I think it definitely needs some timed events to mix it up and bit and make riders actually develop all-round to win it.

Can't see any reason why bike nerds like us wouldn't want more events anyway, not less...
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