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Too Late, Too Furious: Tokyo Drift - The 2020 Olympics Thread


The long wait is almost over, cause the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is only a month away (it's past midnight in Tokyo), and therefore I've tried to gather the selected teams for the ITTs and RRs.

  • Saturday, July 24: Men's Road Race from 3 AM (GMT+1)
  • Sunday, July 25: Women's Road Race from 5 AM (GMT+1)
  • Wednesday, July 28: Woman's Time Trial from 3:30 AM (GMT+1) and Men's Time Trial from 6 AM (GMT+1)

Race profiles








Men's RR:
Men's TT: http://www.cyclingfever.com/editie.html?detp=view&_ap=startlijst&editie_idd=MzAwNjU=

Women's RR: http://www.cyclingfever.com/editie.html?detp=view&_ap=startlijst&editie_idd=MzAwNjQ=
Women's TT: http://www.cyclingfever.com/editie.html?detp=view&_ap=startlijst&editie_idd=MzAwNjY=
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Tony Martin isn't doing Tokyo. TT course too hilly for him so decided not to go.

I wasn't sure, but I just assumed he would go after his fine performance in the German nationals.

Couldn't the Swiss also send Bissegger (who is doing the TP on the Track) to also ride the ITT like the Italians are doing with Ganna?
He did an altitude taining camp with Küng, so I assume that they were training together for the Olympics.

I just read the statement from the Suisse federation, and Bissegger wasn't mentioned, so I assumed they only had one spot. But they do have two, so it would make most sense to have him ride that as well.
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is the climb too far from the finish? Two minute lead can easily be erased if three countries would chase

This is basically a mountain stage. Only the best climbers will survive Mikuni pass and the race will be decided between them (plus strong guys within 30' of the leader if they descend well). The teams will be shattered (I don't think we have Ineos/JV like team at Olympics) and there's not much flat until the finish. The best climbers should make sure that the tempo up Mikuni wall is like on MTF to eliminate faster riders. I see a few strongest guys battling it out at the finish line in a sprint of non-sprinters. This is a great route for Pog&Rog - even if they don't drop everyone on the climb they will have good chances in a small sprint (the biggest question mark is their form following the Tour ofc). And if one of them is a helper than the other would be hugely favoured.
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The part of the climb that La Flamme Rouge has calculated is supposedly 6.2% for 1.9km. The entire climb however seems to be ~4% for ~5.5km going from information on the other profiles (221m alt dif).

Yes, that is a weird choice to leave out the first part of the climb. Sometimes they do get them wrong. For the women's Thüringen Rundfahrt, they managed to calculate three different average gradients for the exact same climb.
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I don't know if I'll be over Bardet not riding this by the time the race happens.

I hope Bernal does this race as I said he would win it. For my cq-team it would be best if Schachmann won it, but I'm not giving him that much of a chance for that.

The parcours (for the men's race) is actually great and I'm hoping for a thrilling race a la Rio.
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