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Tour de France 2017 stage 9: Nantua > Chambéry - 181,5 km

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Escarabajo said:
luckyboy said:
Here is an alternative angle of the Froome/Aru thing. Some people saying he unclipped but it seems unclear?
Thanks for both videos.

Nothing to see TBH. Don't like Froome winning so much but let's be honest that was nothing. If anything bad happened is really not clear. He even elevated his hand like apologizing.

Forum members complaining in the heat of the moment.
Yeah, just shows he is still a bit useless on a bike
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Broccolidwarf said:
Blanco said:
Rollthedice said:
Aru should've fall to the ground instantly yelling for help. Froome DQ, Uran wins TdF.

Uran's gonna win it anyway.. :p

I think he is Froomes biggest competitor, because he has a tendency to ride very good TTs in the end of GTs.... and he is clearly in the form of his life..... and Froome isn't as dominating in the TT as he used to be anyway.

That being said, he has also had a tendency to have a terrible off day mid race.... Thursday and Friday (especially, 32+ degrees expected that day) are going to be very telling.

I still think Froome will win, ahead of Bardet and Fuglsang/Martin (undecided om those two), as I think both Aru and Uran will get one big off day, like they often do.
I think all of them have a history of days off. Aru, Bardet, Uran, Martin, Fuglsang. Maybe Bardet is the most consistent of the contenders. But it does not bode well for challenging Froome TBH.
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gregrowlerson said:

Which is Poles apart from many of the comments in this thread.