Tour de France 2020 | Stage 17 (Grenoble - Méribel Col de la Loze, 170 km)

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I do not understand how Sagan keeps losing to Morkov. Bennett, fine, he’s just faster. Morkov is not. With all the effort Bora and Sagan put in to this competition just throwing away what must be six or seven points at this point is bizarre decision making
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il'll come, they are keeping their guys fresh for when it counts. There was an article in Spanish press the other day, Gorka is in the race for the only purpose to do exactly that today or/and tomorrow. So when you see him up the road today, you know Lopez is going to attack early ;)
so, there he is. Let's hope it's a good sign for some action
6 minutes after I post it. Maybe go rewind if you can to see that they were and it's what caused the gap to balloon out
And the gap is still going up. I guess it's still their road blocking from 10 minutes ago? Enlighten me why Bahrain can't come up and drill it if they want.
He's always putting on a show. I still laugh about his tactics yesterdat where he followed Carapaz attack and looked as badass as ever only to blow 30s later :) They guy is hilarious. It's like his ego doesn't let him go sometimes. Still, the guy is a real champ and one of the best characters in the peloton and one of the most offensive riders in the last years.
I would have taken a break today and tried the next two stages, where I would have imagined he actually has a chance. On a stage like today, against people who can seriously climb... it would not be good for my ego to repeatedly get dropped like a stone...
But okay, your explanation sounds reasonable in itself.
Why the f*ck is Alaphilippe even trying. That's 100% a make a show for the fans move to go into the break. No way in hell he can win on that final climb.
Plenty of people watching the tour are very casual viewers, so they don't realize that he really has no chance here. They'll say "at least he tried". So he's doing it for them and his image with the wider audience as a relentless attacker. Maybe he wants the super-combativité.