Tour de France 2020 | Stage 19 (Bourg-en-Bresse - Champagnole, 166.5 km)

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Bennett can have the green jersey (pretty much) wrapped up today by finishing ahead of Sagan and Trentin, and then can go all-in for the BIG stage win tomorrow. As Kelly (who once lost green on the Champs) just said on commentary.
If he could not win in Paris, a sprinter with just one stage win in The Tour is not that heroic at all, even with the green jersey on.
SKA has twice used the fight for green to win a stage because he understands the moment.

Exactly what Stuyven, Naesen and GVA also should have done. But they don't have the instinct for that.

Lampaert or Terpstra would have been on SKA's wheel right away. They a lot smarter
this is exactly right. Sunweb were the only team to adapt fully to the reality that the war for Green was going to impact every transitional stage
It was a well-timed attack and nobody reacted in time to not let him get a big enough gap. Once he got it, it is over. Because now it costs a lot to close him down and nobody wants to put in that work. Unless they all get along to do it. Which rarely happens in a group of 8-10 riders. Because everybody not giving their all to benefit somebody else.

When attacks start happening in a small group, you have to react immediately.
I hear you, Salvarani, I just don't understand why Bauer, one of Avermaet/Trentin and Devenyns didn't try to pull him back before it indeed was too late.
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His timing was impeccable, but that doesn't excuse the fact, that DQS and Michelton has domestiques that could pull him back. They did let him go. Several kilometers went before Bauer started to take the front, for example.
DQ wasn’t interested in pulling him back, as today was about denying Sagan points.

Mitchelton only had 1 guy, and he was never going to catch Kragh.
Besides being smartest, I also think Kragh Andersen was one of the strongest.

Others were stupid not to follow, but some of those 'stupid' were just weaker or had just done a big effort.

Other riders that wanted a chance of winning should have marked certain riders, and Kragh would be the wheel I would have followed, even when others would attack first.