Tour de France 2020 | Stage 19 (Bourg-en-Bresse - Champagnole, 166.5 km)

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Kragh Andersen is an amazing rider to go solo though, motorpacing or not, the other guys dont deserve jackshit today IMO.
I knew he was gone once he had 200 meters. That wasn't my point. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that this is the biggest race on the planet, and they still don't know how drafting impacts the race. Nothing against SKA or his win. They did the same in the final of his first stage win, not with him, but with Kamna, who was motorpaced for miles. I've seen it many times this Tour.
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DQ wasn’t interested in pulling him back, as today was about denying Sagan points.

Mitchelton only had 1 guy, and he was never going to catch Kragh.
Bennett looked incredibly strong today and didn't have a problem following Sagan at all, beating him at the intermediate and here at the finish. He managed to follow Sagan's pace up that last incline, when the latter tried to reel back Avermaet I think it was. It might be, that DQS even after Bennett proved himself capable of following Sagan without problems preferred to forego the chance of a stage win. I just don't get why they didn't think "Bennett can follow Sagan, let's go for the stage". No doubt that Søren had the legs today, and that no one could follow him at the decisive moment, but I don't get why they (DQS, Michelton & CCC) effectively gave him a gap of 40 seconds, before they started a(n uncommited even) chase, which by then it was too late. Give the Kraken a foot, and he eats your legs, they should have known that after Lyon.
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Sagan was never going to beat Bennet in a sprint. He was a clear favorite, I don't understand how a team targeting stage wins can give up an easy win.
There was no easy stage win there because as soon as Kragh is chased down, if he even can be, a dozen of the other classics guys would be lining up to go. Not one rider in that group was going to ride to the line with Bennett Because they are not insane.
I hear you, Salvarani, I just don't understand why Bauer, one of Avermaet/Trentin and Devenyns didn't try to pull him back before it indeed was too late.
You have a split-second to react in these type of situations and it is not easy. If someone doesnt do it. It is over.

I dont think they didnt react because they didnt want to. It is just a game of not having to close every attack and getting in the winning move yourself.

SKA took advantage of the situation. There had been some attacks that were closed down, before he attacked. He just attacked at precisely the right moment when they slowed down. Thats all about reading the race and picking that right moment to go. It was a text-book example on how to do it. When Trentin looked back and saw nobody had followed or responding to Kraghs attack, he was gone.
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well being predictable brings predictable consequences. If Sagan can’t bring himself to do the unexpected, he has to expect that opponents will respond on that basis. he decided to spend almost the whole Tour trying to break Bennett’s grip on Green, so of course Bennett and DQS try to stop him.
Didn't I say that I understood why Bennett did what he did, yet was annoyed anyway?