Tour de France 2020 | Stage 19 (Bourg-en-Bresse - Champagnole, 166.5 km)

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Yeah I agree that it could be someone who wouldn’t usually be able to compete with Ewan or Bennett in a normal bunch sprint who wins in Paris. They must be completely shattered
That’s what happened 2 years ago when Kristoff and Degenkolb went 1-2 on the Champs. All the pure sprinters had been burned off in the mountains, so it was a couple of hard edged veteran classicomanos who fought out the big win.
There was so much talk about this huge breakaway that has to form because of the teams that need a stage win, and then nothing happens. I guess some teams just come here to enjoy nature.
It makes a certain amount of sense that teams with an appropriate rider might look at the stage and think a later attack is the way to go, once whichever of Bora and DQS ended up chasing started to tire. But that can’t be the case for many teams. So yeah, who knows what they think they are doing