Tour de France 2020 | Stage 20 ITT (Lure - La Planche des Belles Filles, 36.2km)

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You have a minute lead in a GT with a guy who has like 7/10 last ITTs he's done and who put 1'30 into the 2nd guy the last GT ITT they did vs each other.

It's like I'm supposed to trash Contador for not dropping Schleck on the 2010 Tourmalet despite being the better ITTer.

Dumoulin might have been 90 seconds closer if he doesn't commit harakiri on the Peyresourde. Then what. He didn't have the legs to attack most of the Tour, yet he's supposed to attack in case the non ITTer wins the ITT by over 1'20 on everyone?
You asked where his chances were to put more time on Pogacar, I answered, now you say my answer wasn't good because Roglic had no incentive to attack Pogacar. But that wasn't your original complaint. Stop pisti'ing me.
Nothing against TJV, I like them quite much actually, but I'm super happy that being so passive in the mountains backfired on them and Pogacar won. I preferred the way Sky were using their train in the mountains- always trying to destroy the peloton at least once in the race- much more. Jumbo just kept everything together. Hopefully Roglic will not have so much trust in his ITT anymore and will approach future GTs more aggresively.

Incredible that Porte has managed finally managed his podium at the dusk of his career, after all of his failures and misfortunes. If 4-5 years ago there still had been people who had believed in him, I'm sure most of them have lost hope by now, but he did it!
Why don't people give me the 19 chances Roglic missed to drop Pogacar.
Some low-hanging fruit:
Stage 8 to Loudenvielle: follow Pogacar on Peyresourde, or at least try harder to limit the losses. Potential: 38 seconds
Stage 9 to Laruns: too much pulling by Roglic in the last couple of K's. He pulled his biggest competition (Pogacar) to take more time on the likes of Uran, Bardet, Porte,... Potential: only the bonus seconds (2 or so if he won the stage instead of Pogacar)
stage 13 to Puy Marie: so much good work by the team, only to NOT take any bonus seconds and allow the break to take them. No real attacks by Roglic. Potential: some bonus seconds
stage 17 to col de la Loze: it was clear Pogacar was pumping from before the last K. No real attack until it was too late to take significant amount of time. Potential: 10-15 seconds more.

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No, but the Vuelta 2011 stage 10 one was pretty shocking

""I wasn't really expecting that," Froome said at the finish. "

"I was just trying to stay in contention and be there along with Bradley Wiggins, the team leader. I just had a fantastic day and somehow I've ended up in the leader's jersey. It's a dream come true."

He says, tongue firmly in cheek
Beat me to it.