Tour de France 2020 | Stage 3 (Nice - Sisteron, 198 km)

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Missed the entire stage until the last 2k so I guess my timing was perfect as I'm assuming nothing happened today. Ewan's sprint was amazing. I was sure he had no shot, he was so far back in the finale but the speed he had was amazing.
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maybe a yellow card? Two yellows = penalty or whatever?
That's what they do in cross-country skiing. It's very subjective and sometimes almost random what gets called and doesn't get called, and as usual is open to calls of corruption when particular teams and athletes seem to get away with murder. However, it is also very clear; athletes on startlists, in intermediate sprint results and on results pages appear with the yellow card clearly displayed next to their name, and if they receive one mid-stage it is added almost instantly via the transponder data.

That might have helped explain some of the furore in 2010 and 2017, if it had been clear that Renshaw and Sagan were already on a yellow card from previous incidents. Although Renshaw's were so close in time to be consecutive, but it would have helped immeasurably in Sagan's DQ to at least understand the thinking behind the decision, because the comments about his actions at the intermediate sprint weren't public until after he'd already been relegated for the irregular final sprint; had he appeared with a yellow card icon in the intermediate and stage finish results, then people might have known he was already on warning and been less taken aback when the commissaires took the nuclear option.
All the other sprinters started too long. They were all gassed 50 m from the line. Caleb timed it beautifully but now that the other teams know and his team is short 2 powerful guys, it will get difficult
Don't think that's really a problem. Other sprinter teams will still control breaks cause that's what sprinter teams do and he can't really be positioned worse than he was today. Now that doesn't mean he is easily gonna win every bunch sprint, he was already lucky today that there was such a strong headwind, just that I don't think today changed the sprinter dynamics in any meaningful way.