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Tour de France Tour de France 2021 - Enthusiastic laymen's thread

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Which team has the winner of the Tour de France 2021?

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Are we talking about palmares or potential? Just palmares-wise, unless you rate the Tour above all others, clearly only Froome and Nibali have a better record than Roglic. I mean, Dumoulin, seriously?

edit: ok, I misunderstood. But I would still think peak Roglic has a good chance against peak-everyone else in that list except Froome. He wasn't beaten by Pogacar by much last year after all, and Pogacar is probably #2 in that list.
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At their best of the current active riders I rank Froome, Pogacar, Dumoulin, Nibali and Carapaz higher than Roglic over 3 weeks.
You can do that, but you did not respond to my challenge with that. Which was to name three riders that are better than Roglič since Roglič started going for GC which will have to be TDF 2018. Since then:
  • Nibali: 1x 2nd (Giro)
  • Froome: 1x 3rd (Tour)
  • Dumo: 1x 2nd (Tour)
Edit: Carapaz is a stretch as well. He is lacking in palmares and Roglic beat him 2/3 on GTs they both attended.
Carapaz was not ready for GC at the Tour last year as he was preparing the Giro so really it is 1-1 and if Carapaz had half the team Roglic had the result would have been different.
Well if "not-peaking" can be an excuse for Carapaz's Tour then it can be an excuse for Roglič's Vuelta. If (nice word, eh?) Roglic had come to Vuelta peaking, then the result would not not have been different even if Carapaz had half the team Roglic had. More interesting question is, would Carapaz stil have won Giro 2019 had Primoz have a proper team?

See - we can play this "IF" game whole afternoon. In the end, we have track records which are objective and in this case conclusive enough to rely on them when assesing the ranking of the riders in question.
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"The Joker" is the perfect nickname for Chris Juul.

I still, from time to time, dig out that old video from the Tingkoff days, of him making fun of Lars Michaelsen while he did an interview:

View: https://youtu.be/UTgByh_BaWw

The dude is hilarious :cool:
So at least that one is an actual nickname, lots of the stuff sounds like a PR guy just went for some random aliteration (chargin Chavito, when his actual nicknames, besides Chavito of course are el Colibri or el Chivo).
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As for all the Pogacar vs Roglic talk, I think the 58K ITT there is this year, will make a difference.

Yes, Pogacar beat Roglic last year, but that was on the last day, on a mountain TT.

This year both TTs are flat.

I think Pogacar needs to take more time in the mountains this year, something he only managed once last year, early in the race, when nobody counted him a main contender.