Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 12: Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux – Nîmes, 159.4 km

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Interesting talk in the TV2 studio, where Morten Bennekou (former DS at DSM) and Asbjoern Kragh are guests today.

They talked about the reputation DSM has, of being very "stringent" in their approach to cycling, where every tiny details is micromanaged by the team.

Bennekou and Kragh both said they mostly liked it a great deal, because everyone in the team knew exactly what to do and when, at any point in the season. They like how organised the team is in every facet.

Though they both conceded, that it became a little too much, when for instance the team wanted to decide the saddle height of each rider, to a millimeter.

Bennekou also made the point, that despite the criticism of ex-riders, it was worth noting, that hardly any riders improved after leaving DSM.
So given that an Alaphilippe attack on the uncategorized climb is pretty much a given, does anyone think
a) that anyone can go with him.
b) that, if he does get away, the chase over the back side will be able to coordinate enough to reel him in?

As I type, Pollitt and Swift attack.
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Really surprised Quickstep messed it up, all the remaining flat stages before Paris are above 200km and not easy to control.

Cav may have to join Van Aert and break to get a stage win in the Pyrenees
Yesterday was hard. There was a joke earlier about Cavendish being too tired to sprint so Van Aert will just take the stage again, but really, the stage was probably similarly exhausting for Cav as it was for Van Aert. Maybe he just didn't have it today to start with.
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That group's gone, way too strong for the rest. Bissegger's the biggest engine who's missed out and he doesn't quite have it today. I wouldn't have a clue who wins from this group though. Super impressive from Sweeny to be up there in such strong company.
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