Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 14: Carcassonne – Quillan, 183.7 km

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Yup, definitely the worst rider if you are others to let go solo.

Because this is what he does best. Just ride at a high steady pace.

But hats off to Mollema. He has won some great stages and races like this.
I remember when he won his previous Tour stage in (2017?) afterwards he said “this is great because I get to tell my kid I won a race.” He’s won a fair few more since then now that he’s not going for gc any more.
It's embarrassing to allow Mollema to attack on the descent and get one minute - This should not happen.
I doubt they fully 'allowed' it as opposed to Mollema just being strong.
Don't forget even on the climb they only gained back 20 seconds, after Mollema had already been solo for +20km.

I think it's quite easy to say the strongest won