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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 11 (Albertville – Col du Granon Serre Chevalier, 151.7k)

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So nice to see a bonafide champ like Pogacar be human for a moment.
we saw the same last year... though it was only for a brief moment where it looked like Jonas was able to rattle his cage.
Great stage and what a play from Jonas and also the team.. its really the fact that Jonas puts the cherry on the top, that makes Visma tactic thrueout the day. look like Pogacar-brainsurgery.
Anything can happen but I would be surprised if Vingegaard is going to give up a 2 minute lead with a team like that. He's a good TT'er too, hard to imagine where he is going to lose over 2 minutes.
I am totally on team JV on this one. But if that was pogs bad day (it seemed to be a shocker given who else beat him), then what does he get on a good day?

There is also the TT where surely he gets 30+ seconds.

But Jonas is in the box seat, for sure. And has a monster team which makes defensive riding a lot easier.
Roglic is pure class and probably more happy about Jonas winning and taking the jersey that if it was himself.

Jonas is really skinny, I was on a similar level during Highschool when I was 61-62kg at 183cm.
I always thought Jonas looked more like a typical climber than either Pog or Roglic honestly. I think he was born that way. Same with Bardet for example. What else would they be born to do with that physique :D