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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 13 (Le Bourg d’Oisans – Saint-Étienne, 193.6k)

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This is a long, hot, bumpy, grueling stage. If nothing outrageous happens (crashes, protests), a large breakaway will form and get away, assuming of course no one joins who is a threat to GC. If sprinters want a victory, they'll have to hook on and hang on. I assume Wout joins the break and takes some sprinter points, after which I'll be very curious to see if he stays away or rejoins the peloton. He did a lot of hard work on d'Huez, so maybe not. But if Wout Wouts, he'll stay away and likely win the stage.

Probably little or no movement in the GC battle. That will happen the day after when Pogacar jumps on the steep road to Mende and takes few seconds on V.
headwind indeed, but it obviously doesn't matter much if 20 men get up the road, and Alpecin is not really a team which is able (or usually willing) to take control. I'd still think a breakaway win looks more likely
I think Philipsen would stand a better chance going in the break with 1 teammate as I don’t think the team is strong to control the breakaway from behind in the peloton.
tomorrow is a much better chance for Pogacar to take seconds than today, I would think.

But yeah, I mean it looks great for Philipsen indeed - but who would set the pace for a reduced sprint? Alpecin can't, so even if they keep it together, there's also the risk that guys like Ewan or Groenewegen survive as well.
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Please Wout don't be greedy. Let someone else win. Hopefully not Pog or Jonas or Laporte or maybe not even Cort.

Caleb, Sagan Pedersen, EBH or something. Someone old or in need of relegation points please. Thank you.




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