Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 5 (Lille Métropole – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 157k)

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Wow. Just wow. This had everything.
Phyrric victory for Pogacar but a victory none the less.

Roglic over for GC but he can be one the guys to play with in the break in the mountains. Perhaps Polka jersey?
What happened to MVP and Sagan? Unexpected MIA.

And (mis)using WVA like Jumbo did today doesn't seem right. He had the legs to win today and tbh his main competitors failed so missed chance imo.
What a fun race. What a ride by Pogacar, way to take it on. And so smart by Powless, he almost got that as the fourth-best sprinter, if Eddie wasn't there he would've won it. But the smartest guy won the stage, good show.
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Well WVA and co saved Vingegaard's day but team left Roglic to have to carry a lot of the burden and that's it for him. He was right behind the team cars by himself chasing alone at one point and they did not send anyone back to pull him back through the cars to the group. Damn.
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