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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 5 (Lille Métropole – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 157k)

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Dude, please man. Youre so lame stating boneheaded things like that. Vingo has 3-4 riders with him immediately, and Wout dropped after a few kilometres as well, leaving only Laporte for Roglic!

It took WVA way too long to get back and he had already been dropped from the main group anyway. He was riding for himself at that point and not the team. He's a damn good rider but this is the Tour and he should be immediately dropping back to help when he's of no help to Roglic. Sure he eventually did a good job but it took way too long
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Well WVA and co saved Vingegaard's day but team left Roglic to have to carry a lot of the burden and that's it for him. He was right behind the team cars by himself chasing alone at one point and they did not send anyone back to pull him back through the cars to the group. Damn.
If Roglic isn't injured after that crash I think JV will regret going all in on Vingo.
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Roglic over for GC but he can be one the guys to play with in the break in the mountains. Perhaps Polka jersey?

Lol what are you saying? It's not like he lost 10 minutes today. He is only 2:20 or something like that down. Far from giving up. Today Roglic had crash, who says Pogacar can't have one next or 3rd week? Only question is how seriously is he hurt, but judging how much he rode in the front I would say he is okay.
Seriously, Pogacar was the best Classicomano among the contenders. So this was to be expected. However I think he wasted too much energy for my taste trying to get few seconds. If it wasn't for Wout (OMG), the gap would have been a lot bigger. There were 46 boys in that peloton and one man. He had to come back to help pull the group. Well, Quintana wasn't bad either. I can't believe how can a little guy like him position so well in the peloton. It is truly mind-blowing.

Nice stage. I enjoyed.
People are so harsh here...
  1. Powless dropped Cort because Cort was cramping. Cort would have been dropped even by Froome at that point.
  2. Pogacar didn't gain a lot, but by following Stuyven, he rode his own pace and stayed out of trouble as in 'attacking is the best defense'.
  3. WvA clearly was indicating Vingegaard to follow his wheel, but Vingegaard was struggling with his (oversized) bike from a team mate and stopped pedalling. You can't expect WvA to brake and stop next to Vingegaard waiting for another bike, especially when it was clear that Vingegaard had other team mates around. Those who say Roglic was left alone: WvA can't split himself in 2,
  4. Roglic... (and Ewan) really unlucky! How on earth did that bale end up there? A car or motorcycle pushed it on the road?
ps: the only idiotic riding I saw was Bettiol.