Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 6 (Binche – Longwy, 219.9k)

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Van Art collected precious points for the green jersey and Jumbo wasn't forced to pull the peloton after yesterday's intensity.

Apparently wasn't their plan though.
Jumbo's post stage claims are PR damage control.

They don't get to pretend they care about the legs of their riders, not after the way they've started this TdF & after the first 80km of stage 6 where there were constant attacks by WvA, even after Laporte had gotten into a break (which should have suited them as well).

No, they wanted to force UAE to chase WvA in order to tire their domestiques. Just as they did in stage 7 last year. Too bad they forget there are other teams in this race which have their own interests, so it's not just Jumbo versus UAE. Pog's team can & will always find allies in these sorts of stages.
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Nah. Mozart was strongly influenced by Beethoven. With Salieri there was more about rivalry. Pogi said Rogla was his role model. And a lot of elements he uses are heavily influenced by the work done previously by Rogla.

I will hence stick with Beethoven. But obviously an occasional Salieri doesn't hurt.

Fans love that to.