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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 7 (Tomblaine – La Super Planche des Belles Filles, 176.3k)

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Man I really wish the break would have some proper rouleurs and trucks on the flat to spank this pathetic UAE team and put 10 minutes into them. This is also the problem with these uncreative unipuerto stages with a hard finish, half the break has no incentive to do anything since there are no descents or other options to attack. As someone said, why would you work just to see Ciccone and Kämna ride off into the sunshine on the last 5km.
Suprised by the swiftness of dislike aimed towards young Pogacar. Personally I’m agnostic about him, but he is fun to watch.

It reminds me of the early days of this forum, when Alberto (The Great One) was despised here. Now I loved Alberto, but it is interesting to not be emotionally invested and see the shift in attitude when people slowly realize that no one is going to beat this guy for a long time barring misfortune.
Didn't expect UAE to work so hard for a stage win today.
pogacar obviously feels good and when you feel good you have to take advantage of that

i never liked when GC guys wait for something to happen instead of enforcing it, especially in mountains, how many times have we seen two back to back mountain stages and nothing happens on the first one because everyone waits for the second

if you feel good, go for it...always
Are people really complaining that UAE is pulling the peloton now? We have a strong breakaway, make them work for a stage win. If they push like they are supposed to, they should be stronger than the UAE team.

Pogi on the other hand knows now is the time to kill. He smells blood, he feels he is the strongest right now, he knows his main rival is not 100% at the moment and he wants to take advantage. On top of that his family is waiting at the finish and he wants the stage win on the climb that catapulted him to his first Tour victory.

What UAE is doing is the only sensible think to do right now. And it's good for the rest of the Tour. Let them work, let them tire out. Maybe they'll pay the price in the following stages.