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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 7 (Tomblaine – La Super Planche des Belles Filles, 176.3k)

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But wouldn't you agree that this stage isn't a good opportunity to do so, and maybe with his injury he sould try to take it calm and focus on the last climb?

Normally i would agree to pretty much everything. But after seeing JV tactics so far. It just messed with my mind too much. Hence if instincts say go for it. Just do it. Regardless of the DS.

But in general yes i agree that tomorrow we likely should see something like from van Aert to Kuss and after to deal with what is left standing. From Rogla perspective to take on Pogi or Nairo. Which one is closer. Both scenarios will do for me. To push through the injury. And after to build on that. I will be happy with that tomorrow yes. If injury will win then so be it. And onto the next goals.
So we are back in the place where Pogi backstabbed Primoz almost 2 years ago. How time flies! Will there be the same winner again or will JV take revenge?

Il Lombardia former winner? His name begins with a P? His likes animals whose name begin with a G? His DS said after today's stage that the team had success so far by riding as a team and would continue to do so, adding that so early in the race, P won't be given a ticket for the break. We shall see. Obviously, I'm hoping for something special to happen tomorrow.

If the break, or at least a rider from the break doesn't take it, Pog has to be the favorite. Wout may again be stuck performing dom duties for Ullrich and Kloden. And maybe, the SPDBF will deliver: JV has to go kamikaze, even if it still is early in the Tour. They are being slapped around, they show signs of panic like the stage 5 Benny Hill bike change episode (circus music). Pog is inflicting damage, death by a thousand of cuts. JV needs a morale boost.

Bardet, Quintana, and Gaudu need a good finish, and so does Thomas.

I liked the Super Deluxe Planche des Belles Filles joke. That was brilliant. I don't hate that climb like others do, it's used way too often these days, mainly to get P to ride Le Tour instead of Il Giro.

I won't boycott the race tomorrow and hope that Wout gets his shot. After what he did today wearing yellow, he won me over. Not that I didn't like him before, but because I prefer MVP and imagine Poupou smiling from up above when he shines.
It's going to be really interesting to see how Quintana is going to do tomorrow. He had a very good ride on the cobbles and todays result was extremly strong for him on such a finish. Looks like he is in good form.
I doubt he can make the transition to a climbing style, classic riders have a hard time doing that.