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Tour de France Stage 2 Brussels - Spa, 192 km Monday, July 5 2010

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Jun 16, 2009
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Faserr said:
I'm hoping for Freire and Ciolek.
Hopefully Hushovd is in the mix, too. ;)
There is some pressure on Cavendish now, because he should't get dropped on the last climb regarding the green jersey.

IF the pressure is not on then Freire will be up there but I think teams will put the pressure on some of these climbs hench all the sprinters will be eliminated. Sunderland said that the Stockeu has a dangerous descent and some very steep pitches. Katusha should do well with Kolobnev, Ivanov and Rodriguez. They start climbing from a long way out and it will gradually wear the sprinters down anyway without much pressure on. IT is contiually up and down and there are some climbs which they don't catagorise which are on the route.
Mar 16, 2009
Dedelou said:
I wonder if it is possible to get an idea of the total amount of climbing that takes place on a stage such as this one ?

* Title: Tour de France 2010 stage 2
* Distance: 199.2 km
* Vertical climb: ca. 2400 m
* Inclination: Pretty flat
* Surface: Paved
* Category: Specifically suitable for race bike
Jun 16, 2009
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kukiniloa said:
1. Ballan
2. Cunego
3. Bookwalter

Ballan and Cunego will definetly be up there tommorow.
According to Bob Roll, Spa is the capital of Brussles!

Lelangues reckons tonights stage is too easy!
We've reconnoitred a lot of the hardest stages in this first week, but personally I would have preferred stage two to be a little bit more difficult," said Lelangue, whose star rider is Australia's world champion Evans.

"They've chosen the easiest approaches to both the Stockeu and the Rosier. It's very a fast ride down from the Rosier to the finish, but whether that gives the sprinters a chance to get back to the front in time remains to be seen
Apr 28, 2009
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Looks like a great stage, but that doesn't really mean anything in the TdF. Of all the belgian riders in the peloton, an attack is probably best suited for Monfort - but he'll probably have to drag Cavendish up hills all day.

An interesting scenario would be HTC trying to drop Cancellara and put Martin in yellow, but that won't happen. Not that they would succeed anyway...

My top 10:

1. Freire
2. Ballan
3. Cunego
4. EBH
5. Farrar
6. Hushovd
7. Gerdemann
8. Hincapie
9. Breschel
10. Barredo
Oct 29, 2009
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Judging by Oscar's wheel pick yesterday, before all the crashes gave us finally something to talk about during stage 1, Freire must have fancied have a go at that sprint finish. If he fancied yesterday, he will fancy today. I can't see any actual racing taking place (again), so I expect he will be part of the first arrivers in Spa. I'm going with him.

Under different circumstances Vino would be at it, today, I think. But I think Astana has pledged itself to be fully fit and attentive to Contador tomorrow. If he still goes, it will be with Contador's blessing, and an indication that Contador is feeling good about tomorrow. And confident enough to let Vino play a bit during the Tour too. In other words, if Vino goes, we should worry about seeing this Tour come to a premature close (again).
Pezrider said:
Im thinking Voekler today. Don't know why but I like him. Otherwise Vino if they allow it. :)
Ivanov should go well also.

I think he'll try to go in the break today. 21 points for the KOM today...whoever wins it today could keep it for the whole week. Particually the french teams will be very interested
Mar 14, 2010
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Francois the Postman said:
Under different circumstances Vino would be at it, today, I think. But I think Astana has pledged itself to be fully fit and attentive to Contador tomorrow. If he still goes, it will be with Contador's blessing


I think it would be fun to see Vino animate a couple stages... Why not start early?
Jun 22, 2010
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i'd like to be wrong but if vino goes at it,they have 9km after the top of the last climb to catch him,i can't see him going for it,he needs to saves his legs for ac..
is Freire form that good?? can he out ride the pack?,an i can't see rabobank chaseing the break away to set him up when they have gc riders..
gerrans has come out an said he will have a go if alound to,so whats that now 190 riders said they will have a go at it :p
Feb 28, 2010
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Unless they push the pace, 9km should be enough for the autobus to reel in a group including Freire and Bo-Hagen. Still be nice to see one of them attack from a long way out!

If it does come down to a sprint and Cav has been towed up the climbs, I can't see anyone else winning. When he doesn't win when he should like stage 1 and it's his fault he never loses next time out.
Jun 29, 2009
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The ascent starts with 2km at ~4,5%, then 2k flat and the last 4,5k at ~5,5%, thats enough to get a significant gap, and from there its mostly downhill, not übertricky but 2-3 difficult curves, a good descender is not gonna lose anything on the peloton till ~2k before the finish.
I think we could see something similar to Stage 12 in the Giro - a sneaky little group off the front over the last little bump, but this time it could all come back together.

Valverde would have taken this. I'll say Freire or Kolobnev.
Apr 10, 2010
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Saxo Bank wants to keep yellow and control this. so either they got a man in the breakaway or it will come down to a sprint among 100 riders or so. Cav and other pure sprinters will be dropped on the last climb. Freire ftw