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Tour de l'Avenir 2022 (August 18-28)

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The good news for the race is, the two best climbers will have to attack.

The good news for Belgium is, they have two good climbers ahead of their best climber in GC. That means Uijtdebroeks has to team up with or follow Martinez. And while Germany and GB try to close the gap, Van Eetvelt and Lecerf get towed along.

I really wonder what Uijtdebroecks level is compared to the best u23 climbers, so basically Martinez. Belgium is indeed in a really good position having Van Eetvelt up there and Uijtdebroecks still 34 seconds ahead of Lenny.

I do think 1'50 is doable for Martinez if he doesn't blow himself up like he did in the Giro, but the question is can Uijtdebroecks follow.
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The LTS thing is probably the one thing that I get the most, having a few spots for riders from other (smaller u23) teams and not having them take up more than 50% of the team isn't that stupid.
One thing that stands out with Italy is that the 2 biggest names who missed out and don't have any injury/health related problems at the moment, Frigo and Germani, ride for non-Italian u23 teams. If that's actually the reason why they were left out because of internal politics...
Frigo's got a broken wrist.

Agree about the De Pretto/Buratti non-selection though.
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This is what you get when internal politics get in the way of selecting a team that is actually built to ride for the gc, you have to pick the riders from the right teams to make everyone happy...
Why do you bring 2 sprinters/1 sprinter and a leadout man if they are gonna finish OTL in the TTT anyway?
Some of the best climbers aren't available because of injuries/health problems or team related stuff, but bringing 2 good one day racer with a big engine (guys like Nicolo Buratti or Federico Guzzo) who have good results in Italian one day races with a good international field would be an obvious pick. De Pretto would be another name, but maybe he's not available because he's a trainee at BEX?

The BEX neo pro Jesus De Pena rode for Columbia although he was a DNF again. Also Porter and Quick who join in 2023 are riding L.Avenir. The Bex trainees have not yet raced for BEX.
Do you know what’s been happening with Peña? He’s had very few race days this season and I’m curious if he’s been injured, homesick or something else.

BEX has had no luck with their 2022 Neo Pro's - Pena was injured earlier in the season and since then has not reached a decent level - Balmer who I rate was out injured until April - His first five race days were Schelderprix, LBL, PR, Amstel Gold and Fleche Wallone - He's been out of action since Slovenia.
Yesterday the Italians had Fancellu in the breakaway to put some pressure on the favourites, that' why he lost some time in the end after getting caught.
I guess consecutive mountain stages will make a big difference compared to the baby Giro, recovery will be a more important aspect.