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Tour de l'Avenir 2022 (August 18-28)

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Looks like I was right about Milesi, his recovery and his endurance seem to be his biggest strength in stage races. Yesterday he was 12th from the gc group while being the only helper left in the race for Piganzoli and Fancellu and having to work for them, today he won solo from the breakaway.
Looking at this and his TT skills (the only guy to beat Segaert in a TT this year in the u23 ranks) and the fact that he started riding his bike only at the age of 16 after playing soccer I can see some potential as a stage racer in him. He still has to work on his bike handling skills and riding in the bunch, but there should be lots of margins to improve.

Overall I still think that guys on WT teams and those who have already raced WT races shouldn't be in an u23 stage race, but that's not their fault.
Cian, Gaelic name isn't it.

Irish nan confirmed, someone get him a passport.
Jose Been, who presents herself as something as an authority on languages (and in fairness to her, is probably proficient in more of them than I am) went off on a long spiel about how his mother insisted on the pronounciation'Key-un' "rather than the Irish 'See-urn'", but kept the C rather than changing it to a K "because she liked it that way". D'oh.
Archie Ryan in 4th must be seen as one of the big success stories of this edition. Finished with no teammates. Given the hothousing of Dutch, Belgian and Colombian talent ahead of him it's a hugely strong result from an unheralded rider although he's on Rabo U23. Ireland aren't sending an U23 team (or elite or junior) to worlds in Oz (how m although probably wouldn't suit him anyway.