Tour du Rwanda 2023, February 19-26

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Hopefully tomorrow will be Mulubrhan's day.

He wins.


I think the stage was hard, but quite surprising not to be more selective and to have Vernon there..maybe becouse he took some relax the day before, and the last real climb was quite far.
Tomorrow and the day after are the most selective stages IMO.

Hope Froome was there ok. Yesterday it was reaining, but I hoped a little bit better for him. Goldtein travelled to Rwanda but finally I think the team change plans with him. It is a pity he is just with 3 team mates, but I hope the team work for him anyway.

I know Victor dela Parte, Bizcarra...they are good riders...I think eritreans as well...I dont have a favourite, but someone specially strong at that altitude can go solo and take lot of time next stages. It is a pity Hagen had to left...he was one of the favourites.
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