Tour of Britain 2023 (September 3-10)

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Sublime to the ridiculous!
Kooij is learning nothing at ths race because the reality is that if he gets to ride a GT, he won't have Van Aert as his leadout.
He rarely ever has a proper leadout. Usually he just has to fend for himself, and he's really good at that.

He's not nearly as hyped as De Lie, but in terms of bunch sprints, he's really way better at positioning and finding the gaps.
That finish is so fast in the last 5km, its downhill, then flat, well flat for British roads, it was tail wind on the down leg then the turn and slight headwind on the finish leg (its offset by the onshore breeze so not full in your face) how they let WVA get any gap let alone that kind of gap, ok they said he gave mega watts on that bit, but you snooze, you lose.

Edit So I checked strava, WVA did the down leg of the finish at 43.8mph Danny van Poppel nearly 45mph, but there's no segment on the finish sadly. How do you get such a big gap at those speeds ? Did he just monster the turn ?
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ah got what happened via the highlights, so everyone is thinking WVA is leading out Kooij as normal on to the finish straight, but instead of that both Kooij and Affini sit up as they all take the first corner, block the chasing group, by the time everyone else realises whats happened and with some hesitation on the second corner as the rest probably think it was a mistake, WVA has got a 3 second gap which is game over for everyone

youve got to admire a plan & tactics like that, Jumbo Visma are schooling these teams on how to win stages, you cant blame the parcours for that.