Tour of Britain 2023 (September 3-10)

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Great ride by Rodriguez.
Indeed it was, but can't help wondering what the outcome would have been had Stephen Williams been permitted to wait for the van Aert group, as he made clear he wanted to do rather than work with/for Ineos. Don't think he'd have been given the same instructions had he been riding for Bahrain but with a British Cycling DS!!!
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I hadn't been aware: good for them. But maybe it could have been more publicised, and are there really that many people in the market for replica CT level jerseys?

I will give a fiver for every one of them I ever see being worn...

I bought their pink & navy jersey a few years back, when Tom P was still riding for them, because I liked the jersey, it was Maap so v good quality, and it felt like you were helping support a small UK team do their thing.

I actually prefer this blue to their eye melting normal kit, but maybe not enough to buy it.

Out of all the GB based CT teams I'd probably go for St Piran, just because I like the teams vibe and they do have a women's team as well.