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Tour of California Stage 6: Palmdale - Big Bear Lake (217.7km)

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Apr 28, 2009
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Watching my first stage tonight. This kind of sums up the quality of riders in the race, the peloton consists of the best 3-4 riders from the 3-4 best teams plus the odd rider from smaller teams. And still the top 3 on GC look like they're having an easy ride too me. I hope we'll see some fireworks later though, none of them can rely on the TT, as they're all excellent against the clock.

And I'm delighted to see Tony Martin looking better than earlier in the season, he's doing some great work at the front. Looking forward to seeing him at the TdF.
I may be wrong and it may be exciting, but I already feel like this is a weak version of the Alto da Torre in the Volta a Portugal, a nice long and fairly shallow climb that slowly chips away at the péloton rather than blasting it apart. But this feels longer, shallower and the lack of a summit finish could make it even more underwhelming than I already felt it would be. Torre finishes on a plateau too, of course, but only for a very short distance. This one feels like it will be too long.

The scenery's good though.