Tour of Missouri Cancelled?

Jul 10, 2009
Save the tour of missouri!!

As you have probably already read on cyclingnews, the Tour of Missouri is dangerously close to being axed.

Earlier today, those who are on the official tour of missouri email list got a message from Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder urging us to call the governor and request that the race go forward as planned. It's the second biggest race in america (after california) and its so important. Please call Gov. Jay Nixon at 573-751-3222 and ask him not to cut the funds.

California's budget is probably octuple that of Missouri, so it's probable they'll find the cash. Their event has also been hugely successful. ToM, not so sure, but if Georgia went away...

Curious what the true costs are, and what's killing it.
Jun 16, 2009
Cobblestones said:
Since Cali's bankrupt now, will the ToC go the way of the dodo?

Since los angeles just spent around 5 million for sevices related to Michael Jacksons funeral i doubt the TOC is in trouble. especially since that brings in so much in tourism dollars, look at Solvang, impossible to get a hotel room during the tour.

When they asked a council member in LA how they justified spending so much for a funeral when the city is broke she replied" we do have money for "certain things". They had to fund the Laker victory parade through private donations but they somehow had millions for MJ

just politics
Is this not the point, when the three amigos come riding over the horizon to save the event, the way they saved the much less significant Tour of Gila & Nevada City Classic or are they otherwise engaged. Sorry, couldnt resist.