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Tour of the Alps 2024 (April 15 - 19)

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Well, yes, but I meant what is his background. It would appear he is a triathlete/trail runner. Man has very good results in the highly competitive French amateur scene, ngl.
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Today's stage:


Here's an interactive profile of the finish:

It has snowed during the night, though, and low temperatures and rain are forecast for today as well. So no idea if this can take place as planned.
That would be a pity, this would have been a great stage
Funny looking at the weather forecast for Schwaz as it's the same weather prognosis every day for the next week, but the descriptions are deceptively different - Chilly with periods of rain, or cloudy, a little rain; chilly, or Cold with periods of rain, or Cold with a little rain etc etc. Chapeau to the poor person who had to think those up!