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Tour of the Alps 2024 (April 15 - 19)

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Someone took a nasty dive.
Pellizzari doesn‘t wear enough white, right?
Pellizzari is actually not that bad of a bike handler. Last year in TotA he was still feeling the consequences of an unlucky crash while training (slipped on an oily road while descending and made other teammates crash with him). He told me he was afraid to push on descents for months before gaining back his confidence.
Granted he's no Savoldelli or Mohoric but I wouldn't say he's someone who'll be automtically dropped in every descent like Latour or Reichenbach.
I think the crasher was Kevin Inkelaar
Inkelaar was pulled out by the team because his condition wasn't good enough to race following a bout of illness (team said it on social media).

Bahrain announced that Pickering was out of the race with a concussion, so there must be it. He was lucky, considering that by the look of it, he just missed a big stretch of fencing and poles.
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